“You can’t be wiser than your thoughts, neither can you go any way farther than your knowledge” this quote shows the extent in which our mentality can affect our behavior, the height that we can attain and our reactions towards life situations and issues. Our mentality defines our personality and actions. Indeed you can’t act differently from your mentality. Mentality is the pedestal in which every human’s behaviour, thoughts and decision originates. No wonder why we have people with different behaviours, actions, opinions and reactions .I bet you no matter how a situation seems very clear and simple to understand, everyone witnessing that situation at that particular time, may not have the same view or perception towards the situation. Hence perceptions about the situation will always vary.


Now them question is why do we have different mentalities or why do our mental pattern diver? The answer is this, our mentality or thinking pattern is being influenced by lot of factors and this influences in turn becomes the regulator that shapes our mental pattern. Factors that shapes our mental pattern

Environment: the environment plays a vital role, in detecting and shaping any ones mentality. Take for an example, a child who grows up in an environment in which people have the habit of jumping into a moving vehicle without waiting for the vehicle to stop and the habit becomes the norm of that environment, then everyone sees it as a normal way of life, may be letter in life, a child from that environment goes to another environment whereby a vehicle highlights and wait for people to come and enter. If this child is not well tutored before time, you will still find this child running after vehicles, because his or her mentality has been skewed towards the perception that one has to jump into a moving vehicle. This is the power of the environment on the mental orientation of any being.

Situations: as humans, we face diverse situations in our daily lives, like hardship, betrayal, disappointments, failures and successes etc. this situations do have great influence on our mentality, thereby shaping our thinking pattern. Temperaments and Emotions: As humans, we are born with different emotions and temperament. The truth is that, no temperament is said to be perfect. Every temperament has its advantage and its disadvantage. This temperaments affects our mentality and this is seen in some people’s behaviour. But the good thing is that temperament can be managed.


There are determinant factors, which shows that one is about sliding into the deep pit of mental slavery. Mental slavery is a stage whereby a person refuses to change his or her way of reasoning, even when all facts shows that his or her conception about a particular subject matter is wrong, but the individual still decides to implement his thought even without any reason. The individual just feels that it is right. The fellow can even decide to die for a particular course, which the reason behind dying for the course is no longer tenable, maybe because of a false belief which is part of him.

Symptoms of mental slavery

Not open to new ideas: when anyone decides not to open his or her mind to new ideas and also consider them, this individual will become stereotype. This is an indication that this individual is on the precipice of mental slavery.

When emotions is placed above facts: when an individual becomes too sentimental in making decisions and allows emotions to beclouds his or her sense of reasoning, this individual will always ignore facts and the truth is this, He is on the precipice of mental slavery. Over dependency: when one starts to depend wholly on a particular individual and sees the individual as one who can’t go wrong, the truth is that, whatever the person he looks unto says, he will accept it whether it is right or wrong, meaning this person can’t make a decision of his own. thereby standing on the precipice of mental slavery.

Lack of self-confidence: any one with low self-esteem, even a country, can’t make any right decisions because, they already have it in mind that they can’t do anything right by themselves. The only depend on others for direction this is a dangerous beginning of mental slavery Fear: fear of the unknown, fear of what people will say, fear of the resultant effect of decision making etc. will always cause anyone not to change his mentality thereby continuing in his or her former mentality .


Mental slavery is a phenomenon that we should so much be conscious of lets we fall a prey to it



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