Privacy Policy

Gameoaths company reserves the rights to charge as theft any unauthorized duplicate,copying or unwarranted pirating of the game oaths fame website design without the consents or prior written notice to the Admin.Anyone caught in this act will be charged and liable to pay very huge fines virtue of contracting without informing us.

Issuance of any franchise copy is subject to legal contracting by any third party.Our rule for authorization is embedded upon the needful necessity to forward any third party an electronic Email as a measurement of our representatives releasing the rights to another third party copy and duplicate.


Gameoaths Policy.

Gameoaths Policy wishes to inform the public under this service featuring stakes and bids by a players that before looking up to embark on a mission to register and play the games with second party ensure the necessity that you enter all your correct details or otherwise your profiles will be automatically deleted or made inactive if you are caught violating our term and conditions of us to records your winnings as bonafide and accredited client(s) on this platforms of Stakers.We provide as side the opportunity of banking with us if you desired working and savings at the same time.For savings we refer you to 1/2 NB Coin bit Affix ---One Authorized by Game Oath Admin and known as K-pos Affiliated Functional Formative Network Bank.This promote your strength of increasing your incomes reading from its system of units based on your first deposit.To know more you can readily access our friendly users packages hereof and consider the procedures for registration.

To know more go ahead by reading the INSTRUCTION and the USER-GUIDE of the K-pos Network Banking after having glanced through the KEY ABBREVIATION.T his will keep you informed of/about how the whole systems under Gameoaths platform works.